Monthly Archives: December 2011

What Your Medical Insurance Doesn’t Cover: Time for a Reality Check!

Abstract: There are much better ways to deal with chronic, degenerative diseases than the approaches used in traditional medicine. With the modern marriage of functional medicine[1] and enlightened self-care, sufferers are finding true solutions to reversing and even healing chronic […] … [Read More]

Holiday Cookie Fun Facts!

Here is a little cookie quiz for you during your Christmas holiday weeks! Are you a cookie genius, or just a good taste tester? FIND OUT! Write down your answers and see how you did! (answers are at the end […] … [Read More]

Interesting Food Facts

Food is something we interact with on a daily basis – frequently, in fact. There are many very obscure facts about food that are fascinating and definitely worthy of knowing. Here are a couple interesting ones … Feast The Fact: […] … [Read More]