Adrenal Hormones and Your Health

What Follows is an Example of What an “Adrenal” Patient Will Need to know in Order to lose Weight (Especially Fat).


First, let’s take stock.

Have you had any of these in your life? Injury, pain, surgery, infection, illness, divorce, financial stress, job stress, poison ivy, giving birth, irritable people, starvation diets, the menstrual cycle, eating junk foods, drugs and medication, excessive cold or heat, staring into computer monitors, and babysitting 15 small children under the age of five for over 13 hours? Of course you have. These are all examples of physical, mental and emotional stress. It wants to follow you everywhere!


Your walnut-sized adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys, cannot distinguish among the various stresses that are present in your life — whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. The adrenals just pump out hormones to counteract stress — any stress! They are “fight or flight” hormones intended to serve us for short periods only. But today’s stresses are anything but short term … so the hormones just keep flowing! If this persists, you can become an “adrenal type” of person — one who has overactive and/or exhausted adrenals.

This is very serious business because your quality of life depends so very much upon how well your adrenal glands work. Visible symptoms develop with persistent adrenal imbalances. Chief among them is hanging fat in themidsection that sags downward over the belly.


Thinned-out arms, legs and buttocks generally accompany this fat because the key hormone that prevails during stress (cortisol) converts these muscles to sugar in an attempt to create more energy for a continually stressed body. With thinned muscles and a large abdomen, adrenal types often have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Moreover, stress hormones in excess will steal protein from the bones, leading to osteoporosis.


Sometimes a fat pad develops in the lower neck and upper back called a “buffalo hump.” Also, fat accumulation in the face may give a round or “moon face” appearance, a face that may redden because of weakened blood vessels.


So why does the extra fat appear? With all this sugar pouring into the bloodstream through the action of stress fighting hormones, the fat-burning hormones of the liver get turned off. Not even high-protein or low-calorie diets will turn them back on again! Then fat accumulates on the belly because of the excess sugar thrown into the blood to meet “dangers” that don’t exist. In the meantime, insulin stores the extra sugar as fat to keep your blood sugar levels out of the danger range.


In other words, stress hormones prevent fat burning. Counting calories or eating more protein simply will not help you.


To make matters worse, some adrenal types will try to work off fat with heavy exercise. But this just creates more stress and more stress hormones. Result?  Less muscle and even more fat!


Sounds strange, doesn’t it, but it’s true. Many of those with adrenal weakness will actually get fatter with the wrong types of exercise! Can you imagine how frustrated adrenal types can get with their exercise programs?


What a predicament! Fortunately, adrenal imbalances can be corrected to turn muscle-burning adrenal types into fat burners again.

But that’s only part of the adrenal story. Exhausted adrenals can run short of anti-inflammatory hormones and create a chronic stage in the body where pain and inflammation stay present for years (e.g., fibromyalgia). Sore muscles don’t seem to recover after exercise. Pain triggers stress hormones, which turns off fat burning. A deep, restful sleep becomes impossible. Constant fatigue, mid-afternoon drowsiness, and brain fog or dullness prevail. Caffeine beverages become a constant sidekick, doing yet more damage to the already exhausted adrenals.


And over and over, and more damage, and more stress.  I see it every day.  If this is you or a loved one, let me help.  Together, we can reprogram your mind, your body, and your life.

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5 Pillars of Optimized Health

Nervous System –

This pillar of optimized health is really the master computer that controls every function in your body. When it’s out of sync, you’re out of sync. I show you ways to “re-boot” it for optimum performance and efficiency. This allows wellness care to become 95% self-care. You benefit by being able to tell your doctor, “Goodbye,” or at least, “We won’t need to be seeing so much of each other anymore.”

Hormone function –

Learn about the devastating outcomes of hormone imbalances and how they affect your sleep cycles, carbohydrate cravings, digestion, and sex drive.  You’ll learn about the three fat storing hormones that prevent weight loss and lead to belly fat. I show you how to easily test for these hormones in the comfort of your own home. You benefit by learning how to get your hormones back in balance, naturally, and not by taking high-risk synthetics.

Detoxification –

Our world is more toxic than ever. We absorb these toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the medications we take, and all the chemical additives in our food, including hormones in meat and milk products. These chemicals play havoc on our body by blocking the effects of natural hormones on target tissues and preventing the absorption of nutrients. I show you the proper ways to rid your body of these dangerous toxins, allowing for improved digestion, more energy and clearer skin.

Nutrition –

Understand why cutting calories and yo-yo diets really increase your body fat percentage. Let me tell you about foods that energize and nourish while activating the six fat-burning hormones. You’ll gain the benefit of a lifestyle that allows pleasure in eating rather than rigidity that leads to failure.

Fitness –

Learn how to exercise right, not harder. My approach is an exact science that gets you burning fat 24/7. I take you through baby steps that will prevent you from making the mistake of over-exercising. You’ll no longer spend 30 to 60 minutes on a treadmill, which can actually work against you. With Metamorphosis, you become a master at transforming your body, spending no more than 35–40 minutes at exercise three times per week.



It’s probably not your GENES fault that your JEANS don’t fit!

happy family generational pictureMany aging myths need to be shattered. Even the impact of genetics on long-term health is now being turned on its head. For example, today we know that genetics only contributes about 3–5% of our longevity. The rest comes from life choices that affect how our genes behave under the conditions we hand them.


If you’re confused about what it takes to achieve maximum wellness and a physical appearance you can be proud of, I can help. If you’re looking for a  better diet and fitness program than you’ve followed in the past—or at least tried to follow — I can help. But before explaining how and why I can help you, I first want to make it clear what we’re up against when we opt for maximum wellness. Also, why so many people fail to get what they’re seeking:


The number one reason most people fail to achieve their wellness goals or even maintain their current state of health is that 90% of the information available to them is inaccurate or deliberately misleading.  My goal is to give you all of the information you need to succeed.  My staff and I will be here for you along the way for questions, concerns, support, and to celebrate your success.

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Here Are Some Myths Concerning Diet And Weight Loss

MYTH: Overweight is a disease that leads to other diseases.

FACT: Overweight is a symptom of diminished wellness — a wake up call that things are going wrong in your body. It’s the same diminished wellness that leads to common diseases such as hardened or clogged arteries, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. So excess fat doesn’t really cause these diseases for the most part, it’s just a warning sign that you’re suffering from bad habits and poor health.


MYTH: The main purpose of body fat is to insulate and cushion you.

FACT: The body has chemical messengers that trigger fat to be stored as energy. If you’re overweight and can’t lose those unwanted pounds, your chemical messengers (hormones) are not functioning properly.


MYTH: Eating fat makes you fat.

FACT: No. It’s the inability to burn fat that makes you fat. Chronically overweight people burn carbs very easily, but they burn stored fat only with much difficulty (if at all). It takes the right knowledge and a measured effort to become a fat burner. It doesn’t happen by itself.


MYTH: If you can’t lose weight and keep it off, there’s something wrong with your willpower and discipline.

FACT: If you can’t lose weight and keep it off, it’s because there’s something wrong with your health. Millions of people in this country experience strong and continually distracting hunger urges even though they are taking in more than the number of calories they need to sustain their body weight. These are powerful biological urges that stem from hormonal imbalances. Most will tell you that it’s as if they have a little devil on their shoulder constantly whispering, “eat more bad stuff, get fatter.”


There’s only one solution: You’ve got to get that devil off your shoulder.

When you follow my science – and fact-based Metamorphosis program, you’ll be able to balance your hormones and get your diet, gland behavior, and exercise levels into the health zone. Your cravings will then disappear and you’ll enjoy lasting weight loss as well as a new sense of health and vitality.


MYTH: The real secret to weight loss is moderation in all things.

FACT: False, false, false. If you have a stubborn weight problem, moderation won’t work for you until you get healthy. In fact, moderation may be impossible while that hormone devil is whispering in your ear.


Further, when it comes to weight-loss programs, one size does not fit all, despite what all the fads and authorities have told you. Different body types and different hormone rebalance challenges need different solutions. You must tailor your approach to you, and you must know how to tailor it. That’s why you sometimes need the help of a qualified, professional wellness practitioner.

Do you know what weight-loss solution is best for your body type? Do you even know what your body type is and why your extra weight hangs on you the way it does?

Believe it or not, how your extra weight lays on you gives us tremendous insight into the glands and hormones that are creating your stubborn weight loss problems and what you must do to reverse the downward spiral.


MYTH: Exercise along with healthy foods is the key to permanent weight loss.

FACT: Getting close to the truth. But if you don’t get the right type of exercise and healthy foods for your body type and metabolism, your form of exercise and food choices can actually stop you from losing weight, or even make you gain it. You must know what type of exercise and foods are right for YOU. Further, you’ll need to go beyond just diet and exercise for lifelong success.

Runaway Stress Is the Beginning of Poor Health

Are You Experiencing Signs of Runaway Stress?

Here are most of the common signs of runaway stress. The list is long, but you need to recognize the most common expressions of stress before you understand the importance of doing something about it:

  • You cringe in front of a mirror because of growing bulges, fading muscle tone, or unmistakable signs of “premature aging.”
  • Aches, pains, or a foggy brain have become your closest friends.
  • You feel tension. You’re irritable. You aren’t able to concentrate.
  • You experience dry mouth, tooth grinding, sweaty palms or cold hands, a pounding heart, shallow breathing, chronic headache, low self-esteem, or withdrawal.
  • Your sleep quality is in the pits, and exhaustion rules your day.
  • You get an upset stomach or urinate frequently.
  • You have a lowered sexual drive.
  • Your workouts are, well, not working out!
  • Tight muscles may cause pain and trembling, or you might have nervous twitches.
  • You know your hormones balances are all out of whack, but you have no idea what to do about it other than suffer.
  • Your doctor has you worried about the “numbers” from your last physical exam.
  • Your single greatest weapon for warding off surgery or chronic disease is … hope!
  • You are handling your quality-of-life problems with stimulants, products from a
    drugstore, and/or the services of “sickness care” professionals.
  • As a spouse, parent, lover, friend, business owner, employee, student, fitness
  • seeker, or creative worker, your lackluster performance is leaving others out in
  • the cold — and you’re not feeling very warm about it, either!


Got stress? Of course you do. We all do.

How you manage your stress determines if and when you ride the conveyor belt to a living hell ( “ride the conveyor belt to a living hell” is a term I use in my book, Metamorphosis, to explain what it actually feels like to my patients – they often describe this “ride” that they are putting their body’s through day after day as a downward spiral into the depths of poor health).   If you want to experience the pure joy of optimized living and satisfy your personal wellness potential, you must:

1. Be able to recognize the early symptoms of stress buildup in your body and how it affects your emotions.

2. Learn how to avoid — or at least sidestep — life challenges that lead to stress buildup.

3. Learn how to heal stress buildup that has already occurred.


If you’d also like to live a fabulous, productive, vital, and supportive life, and then just cease to run when your time has come, then you need to know much more than what comes out of medicine, pharmacology, and TV drug commercials!
You need to know that it’s not the passing of calendar years that harm you, but inactivity, faulty thinking, and accumulated, chronic, unchecked stress!

Too Much Stress Accelerates Aging and Leads To Poor Health

Step Number One towards Reclaiming Your Health

Manage your stress and you’ll dramatically reduce your time on the “conveyor belt.”

That’s right. It’s not the passage of calendar years that creates the symptoms of “aging” and deterioration that we see and feel. Rather, what gets to you is stress that you don’t have the health to handle as it arises. Therefore, chronic stress “piles up” in the form of negative conditions that take their toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes even spiritually.

No, you can’t change your calendar age, but you can resist or even reverse years of stress damage by using my easy-to-follow Metamorphosis protocols. My patients are happy to report that you can reverse years of poor health by changing your lifestyle and incorporating the tried and true day-to-day
techniques I outline in my program.

The sooner you start, the better the results. It’s all about learning science-based secrets for “ageless” living and shattering the perpetual health-and-fitness myths that cloud the vision of so many of us. With my innovative approach — the advanced Metamorphosis approach — you’ll be able to get a handle on
runaway stress and its effects. With this comes the start of optimized living.